The single most important differentiating factor for any company is its people. Finding, supporting and developing skilled and motivated staff has always been one of the most challenging jobs in business, and here at the Centre for Research into Advanced Fraud and Future Threats (CRAFT) we are committed to providing training courses of the highest standard.


CRAFT is a global training provider making extensive use of Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) technology to deliver our online training courses, which focus on Counter Fraud, Anti-Money Laundering and Online Security topics. Leveraging the MOOC technology CRAFT has hundreds of registered students in over fifty five different countries around the world.


At CRAFT, we pride ourselves on our consultants who are highly qualified, experienced,  able to relate material in a practical manner and strive for perfection. Many of our training consultants are thought leaders in business and each individual is renowned for their practical experience, specialist knowledge and exceptional training skills. As a result we consistently receive immense positive feedback from delegates who have attended our courses.


All our MOOC training courses can be found here on the Udemy platform, and instructions on howto get started by creating a student account on Udemy can be downloaded here.


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